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  • Jill Carlson: Open Money Initiative '" Free Access to Finance as a Human Right May 22, 2019
    A common meme in the cryptocurrency space is that it has the potential to help people in countries where only the rich and powerful access to global financial markets. But ten years after the Bitcoin white paper was released, just how many 'œunbanked' people has cryptocurrency helped? Some see crypto as a tool to empower […]
  • The Tatiana Show Ep. 198 Bob Murphy May 21, 2019
    Imagine you are a store owner who just sold $100 worth of items from your store, only to find out that the currency you received had devalued 25% overnight? This scenario rightfully scares people and leaves them reluctant to exchange cryptocurrency for goods or services. To address this topic, Josh and I sat down with […]
  • What Bitcoin Did #108 A Bitcoin Reality Check in Venezuela with Jill Carlson, Alejandro Machado & Jamaal Montasser May 21, 2019
    Interview location: New YorkInterview date: Monday 13th May, 2019Company: Open Money InitiationRole: Co-Founders - Jill Carlson, Alejandro Machado & Jamaal MontasserVenezuela is often promoted as an ideal use case for Bitcoin, a deflationary currency in a country suffering hyperinflation. Despite the examples of people mining Bitcoin or using Bitcoin to hold value, real adoption is […]
  • The Bitcoin Magazine Podcast - Quantum Narratives with Dan Held May 20, 2019
    "Look, I believe in freedom. That's the core root of everything that I believe in, whether that be social freedom, or monetary freedom. And I think Bitcoin is our best shot at enabling both." - Dan HeldDave and Grahm are back with the latest on news and narratives in the Bitcoin community. News includes Bitcoin's […]
  • The Blockcrunch - Can Crypto Change How We Run Organizations? - Luis Cuende (Aragon) May 20, 2019
    With the rise of decentralized companies and organizations, the need for tools to manage people around the world also emerges.‚ Aragon co-founder Luis Cuende and I continue our exploration of crypto governance this week. We discuss:Why do we need decentralized tools for management?Who is Aragon targeting?Why Aragon is interested in PolkadotSupport the show:Pay with DaiBTC: […]