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  • Proof of Love Episode 23 Audience Questions July 19, 2019
    What do you do if your best friend is dating someone you do not like? Is it ok to like other people's pictures on Instagram and, if so, when are you going too far? Is it ever ok to date a friend's ex? Stephanie, Lauren and I tackle these questions from our amazing audience. If […]
  • 4 Minute Crypto - Top 5 Cheapest Countries to Mine Bitcoin July 19, 2019
    Mining Bitcoin can be a profitable business, and there are a handful of countries where it can be even more profitable due to their low cost of electricity.Here are the five cheapest places on the planet to mine Bitcoin.Take a look at the Bitcoin Conference I am hosting in Dallas, Texas, BitBlockBoom.CONTACT INFOEmail Gary at […]
  • The Bitcoin Game #68: Paul Sztorc July 18, 2019
    Welcome to episode 68 of‚The Bitcoin Game, I'm Rob Mitchell. I introduced myself to Paul Sztorc at Bitcoin 2019 and asked him if he'd be up for an interview. I was thrilled that he gave me an unqualified "yes." This ended up being, by far, my longest interview of the conference, and I appreciate that […]
  • Augur: A Conversation on Crypto User Acquisition with Joey Krug July 17, 2019
    User acquisition is one of the least covered topics in crypto. This week, Augur creator and Pantera Capital's co-CIO Joey Krug joins us on the show to change that.We talk about:How Augur bootstrapped its first usersUI/UX tradeoffs in decentralized appsHow Augur plans to become self sustainingCompanies building on Augur: Veil, BlitzPredict & GuessrSupport the show!Pay […]
  • POV Crypto: Ethereum vs. Bitcoin with Matt Odell July 17, 2019
    Matt Odell, Host of Tales from the Crypt, comes to POV Crypto to test his sparring skills!Matt is a long-time Bitcoiner, and orginator of the famous meme "stacking sats". Christian and David ask Matt about his views on Memes and memetic influence. They discuss how memes have developed in crypto history, and the power of […]